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Donato Law's Response to COVID 19

We at Donato Law, PC value greatly our relationships with our clients, employees, friends, and neighbors. As community partners, we have responsibilities to provide services to our clients but also to ensure the safety of our loved ones and to keep the community safe. We are immediately implementing the following policies and procedures until further notice to help stop the spread of COVID- 19:


  • If you are sick, please do not come to our office under any circumstances. Please contact us to reschedule or to arrange for a mail-away closing.


  • There will be no walk-in appointments, and we are restricting all client and visitor access to designated areas of the office.


  • We will not be conducting face-to-face closings in the traditional manner. Our closing process will be as follows:

  1. Only parties to the transaction can attend the closing, or we can email the documents to you. Please do not bring relatives, friends, and children to the closing.

  2. Immediately after signing, please email driver licenses to

  3. Closings will take place at the recommended distance of six feet apart.  I will even come out to your car to perform the acknowledgment at your request.

  4. ALL CASH closings will be handled remotely by email and wire; with the exception of seller documents.

  5. We encourage sellers to sign documents prior to closing with a notary of their choice.

  6. We ask that agents and lenders to not attend the closing.


  • Lenders will be required to have packages to us no later than noon on the business day prior to your closing. Unfortunately, we will not be able to grant exceptions at this time.


  • Please do not drop off earnest money and contracts. Contracts can be emailed and earnest money mailed. We highly recommend using a mailing system that will allow you to track the delivery such as Fed-Ex or UPS.


  • Since lobby access to bank branches are now closed to the public, we will not be able to wire any funds out for any transaction.  We will issue checks, and we prefer to mail them. If you have to pick up your check, please arrange a time where we can meet you at the door.


  • As always, we cannot accept personal checks for cash to close. Funds still need to be in the form of a certified check made payable to Donato Law, PC. The funds can be dropped off with the signed packages. We are still able to receive wires for closings with the usual confirmation protocol.


We wish we did not have to make such drastic changes to our closing procedures. However, these changes are necessary to continue to operate in the current environment, and we ask that you work with us to have closings run as smoothly as possible. With your help and understanding, we feel that we can make this happen safely and effectively.


We will continually monitor the status of the coronavirus so we are prepared to resume normal operations as quickly as possible.


From all of us at Donato Law, PC, please stay well and be positive!

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